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San Ramon Patch: It's Official & It's the World's Largest Hamburger

July 2011

It's Official & It's the World's Largest Hamburger
By Tanya Rose
July 3, 2011

Giant burger, cooked Saturday at the Alameda County Fair, beat the record set in Canada.

It's probably the first time a giant hamburger has trended worldwide on Twitter.

It's also the first time a burger weighing in at a grease-tastic 777 pounds has existed on the planet, and Guinness World Record officials were on hand at the Alameda County Fair on Saturday to say so. ...

Ground meat patty for what may be the world's biggest hamburger at the Alameda County Fair

July 2011

July 2, 2011 6:36 PM
Reporting Don Knapp

PLEASANTON (CBS SF) — Some very ambitious cooks tried to make history at the Alameda County Fair Saturday when they attempted to grill a 777-pound hamburger. If successful, it would be the world’s largest commercially available hamburger. ...

Full Article: CBS San Francisco: Ground meat patty for what may be the world's biggest hamburger at the Alameda County Fair.

World-record burger at Alameda County Fair

July 2011

By Gary Peterson
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 07/02/2011 10:48:37 PM PDT
Updated: 07/04/2011 06:38:18 AM PDT

Celebration ensues after breaking a Guinness World Records for the World's Largest Commercially Available Hamburger, weighing 777 pounds at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, Calif., on Saturday, June 2, 2011.(Doug Duran/Staff)

Brett Enright, if his first impression is any indication, was born with a twinkle in his eye and a bold idea at full boil.

PE.com: Midway fun at the LA County Fair means deep-fried everything and massive portions

September 2009

The Press-Enterprise

Deep-fried butter is all the rage this September, thanks to the State Fair of Texas and its type-A desire to come up with something bigger, greasier and more death-defying every year.

We're a little backwards in California. We don't have deep-fried butter yet, and at the Los Angeles County Fair we're still feeding off the Texas fads of prior years.

But it's quite a feed.

You eat chocolate-covered strawberries, don't you? Why not chocolate covered pork products?

Grubstreet.com Los Angeles: What to Eat at The L.A. County Fair, Open Saturday

September 2009

The L.A. County Fair starts again this Saturday, a perfect opportunity to bury bathing suits in the sand and start stuffing our mouths. The country's biggest county fair is not about petting zoos for us, but the landscape of over 250 food booths that provide a pre-holiday excuse to eat food our doctors would not approve of. Beyond a bazillion varieties of pie and produce are the warped and delicious takes on our guiltiest junk food pleasures. Which food vendors should you make a beeline for among the massive fairgrounds? Here's a sneak peak at the new and notable eats you'll find this year.

KOCE's Rick Mielke Looks at the World's Largest BBQ Grill (Video)

February 2009

KOCE's Rick Mielke Looks at the World's largest Bbq grill
(Click the image to watch the interview!)